Digital marketing and eCommerce will grow in ways we still don’t know. And sometimes this can be overwhelming. 


My work is dedicated to help brands and consumers navigate the ever-changing technologies by building smooth online experiences. I use a multidisciplinary approach of digital channels that is customizable for every business needs. Here's a summary: 


  • Custom build roadmaps using relevant platforms including website, social, CRM, marketplaces and advertising.

  • Establish a solid media strategy using Amazon Ads, Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords 

  • Developing communication plans that drives customers from awareness to repurchase - both organically and paid. 

  • Strategic community building that maximize ROI and improves customer acquisition and retention cost

  • Cross collaboration with multiple teams and agencies to manage deliverables and quality assurance

  • Analyze data, perform tests and refine plans 


Experienced with:​

Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Advertising, eBay and Shopify

Google adWords - Search, Display and Youtube

Facebook Business Managers + Insights

Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Mailchimp, others 

Power BI, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Helium 10, JS, others

Slack, Asana, Jira, Trello, others