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About Me

Currently, I am working as a Senior Media Manager at Advantage Solutions, provider of sales, marketing and retail solutions. Its agencies have been ranked #1 in promotions and experimental in the US for nine consecutive years.

My responsibility is to develop digital media strategy to help brands achieve sales and brand goals in eCommerce.

I oversee a team of 5 talented specialists who execute strategies and help optimize performance.  Everyday we are better at what we do, and we're in constant training to ensure we are at the edge of innovations.

For the past decade, I've been leading diverse teams and achieving relevant results through different online channels including email, website, social media and online marketplaces, with a particular passion for advertising and ensuring that the buying experience is meaningful for both the brand and the consumer. 

I made this space available to share learnings and experiences with the hope that it will be helpful to the marketing community. 


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